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Director, Elle Brown
over 15 years in Property Styling
Behind the scenes!
Furniture Storage - Behind The Scenes

The Style Attic. We get results. Why?

  • Every property is special to us.

  • We liaise with your real estate agent to ensure we are meeting your target market requirements every time. 

  • We have the most experienced stylists in Perth.

  • The photos look spectacular.

The Style Attic. Pricing?


From just $2300 we can make your property look photo-ready and like a million++ or- for a minimal fee, we can give you advice so you can get it organised solo.

The Style Attic. Furniture?


  • current trends- tick.

  • unique and one-off pieces- tick.

  • can we live amongst it? yes. As long as Fido stays off our designer lounge, thats fine :)

The Style Attic.

We take it a whole lot further- for the same price.

We understand the perth property market as we have Over 15 years experience right here.


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