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vacant properties.



There are many reasons why a property might be vacant at the time of sale.

  • The property might be a new construction

  • The seller might already have moved into their own home

  • It was previously a rental property and is now for sale


All of these reasons usually mean that the property needs to be sold and sold FAST!  A vacant property is less likely to sell than a furnished or partly furnished property. Why?

  • People buy a lifestyle not necessarily just a home

  • Vacant rooms look smaller

  • Buyers can not tell how much furniture could fit into the room

  • There is no life and soul visible in the home

  • Buyers also tend to focus on any negative details

  • You cannot differentiate your property from others on the market

By simply adding furniture, you create life. You create a vision. People can now see themselves living in the space and will be more likely to be drawn to the home.  Your marketing strategy is not not solely reliant on price but can focus more on lifestyle and how people will live and enjoy time in that space.

The Style Attic help to create an emotional connection with the buyer via powerful targeting and demographic analysis along with modern, stylish design.

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