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There are many ways to restyle a property.  Tweak your layout, add a fresh coat of paint, de-clutter, add some bright appealing artworks and modern furniture and you suddenly have a new look to your room.


We will work with your own furniture and add a few key items and feature pieces to bring the room to life.


This service comes with an in home consultation and recommendations for each room that will allow you to add thousands to the value of your home and not only improve your chances of selling at the right price but ensure it happens much quicker.

As industry experts with years of experience, we understand what appeals to buyers. We work closely with you and or your agent to ensure the brief is met, the home looks perfect and saleable and can do this without a high price tag.

For more information on our restyle service, please contact us to find out more.

BEFORE... new window treatments, paint and a restyle of furnishings and..... AFTER!
BEFORE... a dining room only and loads of clutter-then......AFTER!
BEFORE... no impact, furniture placement not effective...restyled then..... AFTER!
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